I have finally made the commitment to posting a regular blog!!  I don’t yet know how regular it will be but it’s a start.

This week has been a great week for Dreamstake.  On Monday evening I attended the http://www.newspepper.com relaunch party on HMS President with @Moni_gi.  Hermione Way the founder was in great form and had arranged a brilliant event.  The high point for me was to hear the comments from Doug Richard, the former Dragon.

I was struck by two comments in particular.  He is a firm advocate of London as a centre of creative entrepreneurship and pointed to the big advantage the city has over California.  He pointed out that in California the technology firms are based in Silicon Valley in the North. Whilst the creative industries are in the South.  In London the Technology startups rub shoulders with the creative industries.  I believe we have many other advantages as a centre for creative entrepreneurship; cultural diversity, an amazing talent base, a vibrant arts sector and a good support structure.

Doug also talked about the zero capital startup.  He pointed out that the cost to launch a business is almost zero these days. Technology costs have greatly reduced.  I launched http://www.dreamstake.net on a free platform. We have added additional features to the platform free of charge.  We have been generating revenues from the start.

Although Dreamstake offers funding support to entrepreneurs, I would always advise that all other avenues are explored before going down the route of seeking external funding for an early stage business.

On Wednesday I met Amy Mokady of iTeams with Moni_gi.  We had a fascinating discussion about the work that iTeams does to help students to take their first entrepreneurial steps.  Amy is working with the University of London to offer the proposition to very early stage creative startups.

On Thursday I went to OpenCoffee and met David Organ of Zeiter and Andrew McClean of Virtual Something.  We discussed the possibility of offering Dreamstake members a cloud based virtual desktop at a favorable monthly price point.  I like the principle but would appreciate feedback from members about what would constitute a good package.

I finished the week at Minibar at the Truman Brewery.  As usual the event eas well attended and we heard go presentations on the future of IPTV.  This is always an interesting topic.

Next week we will be focusing on organising our next big event.  It will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the future of the creative industries and in particular the impact of technology on the sector.  Major changes have already taken place but i feel this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Business models are constantly evolving, technology is disrupting the distribution channels and transforming production and management of content.  It should be a fascinating debate on the 8th December!