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Thanks to Milo Yiannopoulos and Jason Calacanis

for pointing out some interesting consequences of the internet on polarising society. The web has the potential to create an elite of entrepreneurial product designers who will be measured entirely on merit and customer reaction to their innovations.

I see this happening in the case of startups.  The reason Silicon Valley still leads is that they have grasped this simple fact.  They are designing products that are good enough to change the world we live in. Sometimes these products are technically simple. However, the founder has had the vision and ambition to act boldly even when the business model is not obvious at the outset.

Contrast this with the UK where the young generation is fooled into thinking that they too can be Richard Branson or that Alan Sugar is a role model. We are told that it is a good thing to have shows like Dragons Den or the Apprentice. It encourages participation. These shows simply promote mediocrity, instilling the idea that anyone can become an entrepreneur and downplaying the hard work and intelligence required.

Then we have a low quality network of ‘business advisors’ with generic business skills and little knowledge of technology or social media. These advisors do more harm than good by encouraging young entrepreneurs to play safe in the areas they personally understand. It seems that the credentials to be a mentor is the ability to ask the question’what is the business model’. This question alone has become such a clique and adds little value to the businesses being advised.

We should look towards US, and UK internet entrepreneurs as role models if we want to have any degree of success in this field. As Milo and Jason intimate, unless we start to promote serious product design the internet will consign our startups to a lower tier.

We are applying these principles to our startup platform, where startups are evaluated on merit and the best are identified by the ratings system. We measure the personal profiles of the founder teams and the maturity of the startup. We are improving the algorithm constantly and this will do a lot to encourage quality.

Dreamstake is an online super-connector for startups.  We combine data from Linkedin and Crunchbase with other startup related details to provide a startup launch platform. A key feature is advanced profile search which allows entrepreneurs to find resources from across the 6000 members. We also connect entrepreneurs at our regular events and in the workspaces we partner with The Workspace Group.


You are a European student with a passion to change the world with a great idea. You have evaluated your options and decide to resist the lure of the City. You see the success of startups in Silicon Valley and decide to give it a try here. You go to networking events and subscribe to blogs and start to look for a co-founder. You start to realise that it is tougher than you thought but does it really have to be this way?

There is a European disease that has many symptoms and probably the worst is we often don’t even recognise them. Firstly, there is an unwritten rule that we can’t be like Silicon Valley. We don’t have the infrastructure or the 50 years of experience to provide startups with the support they need.  I think this fails to recognise that the world is changing. The web opens up the startup world to infinite resources across the globe. Of course, it is in the interests of the investment community to claim that business only happens in small groups of insiders. Ironically, the tech investment community has been one of the slowest to leverage the power of the net.  Platforms such as and kickstarter are starting to change the US scene. However, we have different needs in Europe.

ImageIn Europe we have to nurture earlier stage businesses. The whole market is less mature. However, the internet presents the opportunity to link startup hotspots with the resources they need. There is, for example, plenty of potential to link the best European startups with investors in the US who already recognise that startups over there are over-priced.

It has long been recognised that creating successful startups is about fusing the best human capital with the best advisors and supporting that with financial investment. The fact that this is all available in one place is becoming less significant.  No one can tell me that we don’t have the intellect in Europe to create a Pinterest or an Instragram!  What we do have is an extremely negative investment community that has little domain experience and little propensity for risk. This is backed up by mentoring networks that are stuck in a time warp and don’t understand social media and other trends.

It is these vested interests that shape the mindsets of young European entrepreneurs by pouring cold water on their business ideas.  I am sick of attending ‘so called’ startup conferences and listening to ‘late stage’ investors spouting on about the state of the early stage market.

Over the next few years we will see a renaissance of startup activity in Europe. The main startup hotspots will create their own startup success stories.  The best startups will gain visibility through platforms such as and have access to funding from a far broader base.  This is all part of a trend towards democratisation of the startup scene that includes crowd funding and crowd sourcing.

Now is the time to start a European startup!

Connect with us and let us connect you with the best startup resources on

Would you like to spend lots of time getting to know the startup scene in your country?  Do you understand the startup scene in your city? Do you have a Silicon Valley mindset? Would you like the support of the first global online accelerator platform in building a vibrant startup network where you live and linking it with Silicon Valley, London and other startup hotspots?

ImageDreamstake is currently looking for startup ambassadors in all the European cities with big startup communities to help build global chapters and spread the startup culture. We have already built a network of 6000 startup entrepreneurs from over 100 countries. We are passionate about what we do. We believe that everyone should have the right to successfully launch a high impact startup wherever they are. We are trying to spread the ‘can do’ Silicon Valley’ mindset across the globe.

To be a Dreamstake ambassador you will need to live and breath startups. You will probably be either a startup entrepreneur yourself, a startup team member or someone who works with startups every day.

We would particularly like to identify ambassadors in the main European hotspots; Helsinki, Tallinn, stockholm, Copenhagen, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Tel Aviv to name a few. However, we are open minded to supporting startups in other major cities.

If you would like to Volunteer to help, we can provide support from our platform. We can help you post local events and accelerator programmes from the events page. We can help you manage the community and connect using our advanced search and you can see progress of the startups with the rating and ranking system. Dreamstake is the most sophisticated startup platform anywhere today. It has been designed to support early stage high growth startups with scalable business models. We love lean philosophies and the other exciting trends that are impacting the world we live.

If you want to join us, please let us know. We can’t pay at this stage but we are happy to discuss ways in which you will benefit as we monetise our operations.  Please look at dreamstake and make contact through the platform or here!!


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