Tell me a bit about your background?

Prior to ‘Capsuling’, I worked as a theater and film director for 15 years. Born in Jerusalem, I grew up in Tel Aviv. I moved to London at the age of 24 to study directing. Later, I founded the Conflict Zone Arts Asylum, a worldwide network of artists from Conflict Zones. I moved to Berlin in 2007 where I worked at Ballhaus Naunynstr, a theatre dealing with Post-Migrant political and social issues.

How did you come up with the idea for ‘Capsuling’?

As a theater director, I worked with artists from conflict zones. I was looking for ways to investigate multi-layered historical narratives and confront the taboos behind conflicts with an element of playfulness.This brought me to explore the idea of the actual ‘places’ remembering people. I believe that if we became more aware of the different perspectives people held in our direct surroundings, we could be more sensitive, open, and have less prejudices of our neighbours. The idea of places being able to tell stories of people who visited them was very interesting to me.

Connected to that was my frustration with traditional theater, and my need to look for a new frame of storytelling which would be more suitable to how people communicate, consume and share information worldwide today. So I decided to integrate people more by using their Smartphones.

What is ‘Capsuling’ all about? What is your vision?

‘Capsuling’ is a discovery focused mobile app using time location specific “capsules.”

We enable moment-sharing in context, without losing the element of surprise.

I am dedicating the next years to finding solutions for the overflow of information that takes us away from the here and now. I’m also integrating human values learnt from the theatre with the online culture. The following link explains in short what ‘Capsuling’ is all about:

Tell me about your team?

A great team! Each one of us brings a variety of very important competencies to the table enabling us execute our grand plan together and make it happen.

Our CFO and is an INSEAD MBA graduate with experience in sales, management and a wide international network of powerful individuals in every region of the world. Our CTO is a super developer for the front and back end mobile and internet software architecture. Our community and partnerships developer is a musician and a performing artist with exceptional creative thinking and human relations charm. Our server programmer, has a degree in computer science and an irregularly high IQ! Our Graphic designer Maurice Redmond is a branding genius who built the website for Early Bird VC in Berlin and many more. We also have Mr Cedric Naintre from Paris on our team as the advisor for the business strategy.

What stage are you at with your business and what comes next?

We are currently in private beta. We are entering public beta in Berlin this November with some high profile partnerships. You can register here:

What are the main challenges that you face? 

We are currently looking into Angel Investment, after Bootstrapping (Crowd-Funding and public funding) for the past year. We are also looking for a talented front end developer, Angluar JS & Phonegap, to work with us on the next stages of the beta, with a prospect of taking on a lead role in the company.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.

 I give ActorPrenuer workshops, where I teach peers how to perform better in the business world.


Twitter: @CapsulingApp

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