Mailjet is another great Dreamstake startup that we would like to tell you about.

We interviewed Julien Tartarin, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mailjet (,

This is what he told us;

Tell me a little bit about your background and why you founded Mailjet?

I am the co-founder and CTO of Mailjet, a cloud emailing platform. I have several years experience as a web developer, especially for ecommerce platforms. Mailjet is my first business as founder and to date, it has been a real success. At the end of 2010, I met Wilfried Durand in Nantes (France), our city of origin. We chatted over drinks and I had an idea in mind: mutualise email sending. Our competences are complementary: we promised each other to do something together. We pulled all-nighters and the product took shape. A bêta version was launched after Le Web 2010. The first version went live in February 2011.

What is Mailjet all about? What is your vision?

Mailjet is a Cloud-Based service. We send, track and deliver emails. Our service is easy to use and easy to integrate via SMTP or with our API. We focus on real time and deliverability. We’re an all-in-one solution: Mailjet sends all your emails, bulk and transactional.

Sending emails used to be easy, but during these last years, delivering the messages to the inbox has become very complicated. I realised this in my previous jobs, where I needed to configure and optimize email servers.

According to Return Path, more than 25% of legitimate email doesn’t reach the inbox. This can be disastrous: think about apps, online retailers, etc.

For developers, making sure that email is getting delivered represents a huge amount of work. However, they often need to focus on their product rather than on email delivery. I recognised this and therefore came up with the following idea: provide a very simple solution, ensuring that the message is successfully getting delivered to the recipient.

Our ultimate vision is to change the email industry by making it more accessible to everybody, not only to developers: even a rookie can create and send a newsletter with Mailjet.

How do you monetise? What is the business model?

Our business is built on a Freemium model: we provide a free plan where a user can send up to 6,000 emails per month.

The premium plans are payable on a monthly basis and this goes from £4.95 for 30,000 emails to £499.95 for 2.5 million emails (we have bespoke offers over 2.5 million emails). Because of all the other options that come with it, the functions of real-time analytics and tracking, the pricing is very competitive. Our service is more like a pay-as -you go contract, there are no long term commitments. We want people to use Mailjet because they love our service. We have therefore reached scalability on one side with “real” cloud and flexibility on the other side with our pricing model.

Because we are continuously looking for more flexibility, we are currently working on a model where the “credits” will be still bought on a monthly basis, but would remain valid for 60 days. Our philosophy is really to offer a fair service, which is flexible and provides the best value possible. We do not restrict or lock our clients into long term commitments.

It is also important to note that beyond the number of emails that the user can send, the paid plans allow clients to start building a reputation. After a certain volume, our clients benefit from a dedicated IP.

Tell me about your team

There’s me of course 🙂 But if Mailjet is doing so well it’s also because we’ve been able to set up a terrific team. Wilfried Durand was working for but he loved the idea I had. I knew him from college. After I spoke to him about the idea, he did a bit of networking and convinced Thibaud Elzière, Founder of Fotolia, to join the project. Thibaud seed funded the venture, with the help of Quentin Nickmans. Quentin is now Mailjet’s CEO. Nicolas Chaunu, the Founder of also joined as a strategic advisor.

Now Mailjet is made up of 18 collaborators, all very talented, successful and with plenty of great ideas. I believe that we are building the perfect team.

What stage are you at with the business and what comes next?

After only one year, we are now expanding globally. Naturally, our business has no geographical boundaries as we are in the “cloud” but we want to remain close to the customers and locally implanted. Now we have country managers in Spain, Germany, UK and two guys in North America to respond to the demand in these key markets for us. This is why we don’t only make our platform accessible in different languages: we also want to have a local implantation.

What is the main challenge you face?

Mailjet is still a young company and is expanding rapidly. Our biggest challenge at the moment is to manage the high growth of the business. It is definitely a good challenge to face but it is a critical point for our development, which will help us to achieve our vision in the emailing business.

Our team is also working on a number of interesting features that will drive even more growth. We are really looking forward to releasing the new functionalities.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

If there was a dream place on earth for me, it would be Iceland. It is a beautiful and peaceful country. There is so much to visit like volcanos, glaciers, the Grand Circle and it is impossible to get bored. A road trip is definitely the best way to visit Iceland and meet its people.

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