The accelerator model is now well established with big names such as Y-combinator and Techstars becoming an essential part of the startup eco-system. Funding platforms such as Angellist are also changing early stage investment. However, there is still a lot of scope for the web to transform the startup scene.

There are a number of issues with traditional accelerator models;

  • They are only suitable for certain type of high growth low capital intensive startup
  • They require a time commitment of several months at a critical stage in the startups development
  • They involve early release of equity
  • They have relatively small cohorts of startups at any particular time
  • They provide limited access to global investor/mentors

The advantage of an online accelerator is that it is inclusive. It is open to entrepreneurs at any stage of maturity. Single founders can launch their startup on the platform and work through the accelerator at the pace most appropriate to their business. The platform provides access to all the resources required to grow the business; co-founders, team members, mentors and investors.

The entrepreneur and their investors or advisors can track progress of the startup through to launch by using the unique the rating system. This monitors progress using a complex algorithm to assess team size/mix, funding stage, social media interaction and other criteria.

Once the team has been formed they are put through a series of workshops at Dreamstake Academy where they further improve their startup skills.  The Academy covers essentials such as company setup, shareholder agreements, protection of IP and other topics.  Further specialist electives will be offered.  Completion of the Dreamstake Academy modules counts towards the companies rating.

Founders can take their startups through the workshops at their own pace. Once they become investment ready they will be introduced to investors. The platform is currently investor agnostic.

A big advantage of the online accelerator model is that the startup is visible during the whole launch phase. This means that interested parties such as investors can track progress and engage with the startups they prefer. It also means that the best startups are linked with the global investor/mentors community rather than simply the local eco-system.

Dreamstake is currently free to join on

Dreamstake is an online accelerator for startups.  We combine data from Linkedin and Crunchbase with other startup related details to provide a startup launch platform. A key feature is advanced profile search which allows entrepreneurs to find resources from across the 6000 members. We also connect entrepreneurs at our regular events and in the workspaces we partner with The Workspace Group. We are also organising #startupprevolution across Europe on 14 July 2012