London is creating quite a buzz in the startup world.  The unique fusion of technology and creative talent is evident across the city. However, we still underperform our main rivals in Silicon Valley and New York.  Silicon Valley has it’s own long established support eco-system and New York has started to help their entrepreneurs with specialist academies.

In London the whole startup scene is less mature.  There are plenty of potential entrepreneurs willing to quit the city or leave university to set something up but they don’t know who to turn to for advice.  Unlike Silicon Valley we do not have the super-mentor/investors who have made their fortune from Google or Ebay and who now want to put something back. Here much advice is at best biased, being delivered by consultants with an axe to grind, or at worst irrelevant to high growth startups.

If you take the example of the ex banker who wants to become an entrepreneur,  they will be on an extremely fast learning curve, needing to learn about everything from lean product design to pitching to investors.  They could consider joining an accelerator but this would involve giving equity before even fully understanding the market.

We believe that an Academy brings the right balance.  The emphasis is on fast tracking startup talent by delivering a practical targeted curriculum. This comprises both core modules and more niche electives. Each module can be attended individually or can be taken as a complete programme. The workshops will go into each topic in depth and be given by tutors with an understanding of how early stage startups work.

Our mission is to transform the way that Startup education is delivered. We want it to augment lean thinking and be undertaken in parallel to product development and launch.  This way the learning can be directly applied and immediate benefits achieved.

With this philosophy in mind we have integrated our Academy programme into our online startup accelerator platform. This means that Academy modules score directly in the startup ranking as an indicator to investors that they have invested in increasing their knowledge.  Through this mechanism we can provide the benefits of an accelerator programme without taking equity.

It is our objective to run Academy workshops on a weekly basis alongside our more informal networking events.

Dreamstake is an online super-connector for startups.  We combine data from Linkedin and Crunchbase with other startup related details to provide a startup launch platform. A key feature is advanced profile search which allows entrepreneurs to find resources from across the 6000 members. We also connect entrepreneurs at our regular events and in the workspaces we partner with The Workspace Group.