It is Saturday morning 7 am here in London. This weekend is a little different because I am off to DevsLoveBacon a conference for developers.  I am there to network and find out what developers want from a startup platform. However, I have many other things need doing for my startup. I can work on attracting more members by blogging, i have write a press release or i can focus on expanding the network geographically.

The main point is that at this stage in the maturity there is a direct link between the amount of work put in and the chance of success. I would therefore argue that early stage entrepreneurs have to work as much as their health and stamina will allow.

I am talking here about scalable businesses where the direct impact of work is the size of the community following. This is not necessarily the case with consulting or lifestyle businesses, although I believe that many of these will fail due to lack of effort.

Luckily startup entrepreneurs often have a passion for what they do to the point where it is almost an obsession. This helps them to put in the hours.

I am also not suggesting that it is unimportant to work smartt.  Of course it is!  It is important to be extremely focused and ensure that all the effort goes into worthwhile objectives.

So launch that startup you have been dreaming of, get on the roller coaster, build a great team and show an example by working all hours. The prize is worth the effort.