What is a Digital Accelerator?

On 22 March you can find out for certain.  We launch DreamStake//:Digital Accelerator. To pre-register sign up on register.dreamstake.net/new.

So what is all the buzz about?

This will be the first platform to combine the connectivity of a social network with the functionality of a startup ratings engine. Our vision is to disrupt the traditional investment market by giving a platform to quality startups.

Why is this significant?

The internet is already having an impact on startup investment.  The scene is becoming less parochial as the likes of AngelList and Kickstarter open up the market.  The DreamStake//:Digital Accelerator takes this a step further.

Detail from the new platformWhat’s new then?

There are 6000 entrepreneurs, mentors and investors on the current DreamStake platform.  These will now be linked by sophisticated talent matching.  A founder will be able to launch a startup, find team members, build the team, find a mentor, choose a workspace and gain investment.  The dreamrate will reflect the startups progress again critical success factors.

Why will this change the investment scene?

Startup investment is currently a local activity, mainly centred on clusters like Silicon Valley. The new platform will give visibility to startup performance and open up the market to the global investment market. For example, US investors will be able to review the best European startups.

How does the platform rate the startups?

The platform monitors activity by the founder and team. As the startup develops the rating increases. The rating algorithms are based on team size and quality, learning, governance, quality of advisors, investment stage, network and social media activity.

Is this about Crowdfunding?

The new platform is agnostic to funding type.  It will make crowd funding more likely but only because startups will be able to showcase their capability online and therefore attract investment from a broader base.  The platform is more likely to disrupt the traditional investment sources by skewing the market in favour of the startups in much the same way as off-line accelerators such as Y-combinator.

What next?

signup on register.dreamstake.net/new.  You will also automatically get an invite to our Pivot Party on 22nd March